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November 25, 2013
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02. OPEN by dreamingmainichi 02. OPEN by dreamingmainichi
After Purchase.
▶You will receive the transparent version of your adopt.
▶You cannot resell the adoptable, but you can trade with others.
▶You may make changes to the design and gender.
▶You cannot claim the design or original art as your own!

Price Options. * cash and points accepted
[for one...]
▶ $10.00 standard price. no extras
▶ $20.00 fullbody drawn by Nene or Yuna
▶ $30.00 fullbody + headshot drawn by Nene or Yuna

[for two...]
$20.00 standard price. no extras
▶ $40.00 (2) chibi + (2) headshot drawn by Yuna or Nene

[for three...]
▶ $30.00 standard price. no extras
▶ $50.00 (3)chibi + (3) headshot drawn by Yuna or Nene

▶ 2.  I decided to keep her, I have grown attached v.v
▶ 3. open

art (c) Yuna
design (c) Yuna
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I have moneys now, so I will buy 1 and 4 :3

Though I suppose I'll only pay the standard since there's no ref sheet price set ^____^;;

That and I don't want to pester you guys for another ref sheet since I'm sure Nene-chan is still busy with the last one I got XD
Ahh you darling! Would you like to pay in points or cash?

haha yea I had a little more trouble with it than I thought! I really like how Yuna's came out and I tried to copy hers but I couldn;t! Yuna is so detail oriented and I cannot compete haha. So I spent some time redrawing it and so maybe mine wont be as nice as hers but I will deffo upload it tonight for you!
Cash :3

And hun; any art to me is beautiful art... unless it's mine. Then it goes either way LOL
Okay darlin'!
Do you still have the note with Yuna and I's email or should I note you again? (Don't forget to split the cost<3)

ahh I know the feels haha ;w; Do you ever feel tha after you finish a piece you are all like "Yeah man! this is awesome!" and then a week later you look at it and you are like "aw damn"? That happens to me a lot!
Found it, and sent the money to each :3
I should still have it :P

I'll let you know if I can't find it lol

I used to be like that XD

But lately I've been holding my pride for what I've done, which is a good thing lol
Ah yea I am trying to do that ;w; on my main account I started uploading better art, spending more time on it and things so I am generally happier.. but hopefully I wont come back in a week and start hating it haha 

And thank you so so much for your payment! I will noe you in a minute!
<.< >.> Damn, I want 1 and 4 lmao (I wanted 2 as well, but you got attached XD)

If they are still available by the time I get paid next, then I will buy them :3
alright! im sure they are will be! <3
Awesome sauce <3

I'm surprised that people don't jump at the designs you do; they look beautiful <3
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